A Second Is a Hiccup : A Child’s Book of Time by Hazel Hutchins


Formato: Libro físico

Autor: Hazel Hutchins

Ilustración: Denton, Kady Macdonald

Editorial: Scholastic

Categoría: Infantil

Año: 2007

Idioma: Inglés

N° páginas: 40

Encuadernación: Tapa Dura

ISBN: 9780439831062




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“How long is a second?” “A second is a hiccup–the time it takes to kiss your mom, or jump a rope, or turn around.” The newest book by acclaimed picture-book creators Hazel Hutchins and Kady McDonald Denton explains units of time in imaginative terms children can understand: A second lasts as long as a hiccup; a week is seven sleeps; and a year is the time it takes to grown into new shoes! Any parent who’s been asked, “How long is a minute?” or any kid who’s wondered, “What does ‘an hour’ mean?” will enjoy this smart, simple, and surprising book.

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