Beast Quest #6: Epos The Winged Flame


By: Adam Blade

Ezra Tucker (Illustrator)

Series: Beast Quest

Audience: Children

For Ages: 7 – 8 years

old For Grades: 2 – 3

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Number Of Pages: 81

Published: 1st March 2008

Country of Publication: US

Dimensions (cm): 19.68 x 12.7  x 0.64

Weight (kg): 0.07

ISBN: 9780439024587

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One boy’s journey to save his village becomes a quest to save the Kingdom.

Tom and Elenna must journey on to face the last of the Beasts enslaved by the evil wizard Malvel: the Winged Flame, a phoenix of terrible power. It has been been slowly awakening a long-dead volcano. If Tom and Elenna cannot stop the Beast in time, it could mean a deadly eruption.

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