Graves Family Goes Camping


Formato: Libro físico

Autor:       Patricia Polacco

Editorial: Scholastic

Nº páginas: 48

Categoría: Infantil

Idioma: Inglés

Encuadernación: Rústica

ISBN: 9780439826464

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When the Graves family goes camping to mysterious Lake Bleakmire, so doall their ghoulish sidekicks–bats, spiders, and even their Venus Flytrap. Yet nothing can prepare them for their latest sidekick: a fire-breathing dragon, who eats the Graves family’s irresistible Jum Jills and then follows them home like a stray kitten. How do they get rid of the dragon, especially after the giant beast accidentally soaks all the town’s fireworks just before the big 4th of July celebration? The explosive solution is pure fun.
Patricia Polacco is at her wildest, funniest, and creepiest in this all-new Graves family adventure.

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