Moosekitos : A Moose Family Reunion


Formato: Libro físico

Autor:   Marge Palatini

Editorial: Scholastic

Nº páginas: 40

Categoría: Infantil

Idioma: Inglés

Encuadernación: Rústica

ISBN: 9980591007800

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Moose misses his family-his aunties from Moosissippi, his cousins from Moosachusetts-the whole clan. But when everyone arrives at Moose Lodge, things don’t go quite as Moose had planned. Alone with his sports equipment and long lists of coordinated activities, Moose despairs of ever being able to bring his family together. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse a swarm of moosekitos starts biting! Is it the end of a perfectly perfect vacation-or the beginning of a very moosey kind of togetherness? Margie Palatini has collaborated with Henry Cole on two other books featuring Moose and his family, Moosetache and Mooseltoe. Her other titles include Mary Had a Little Ham, Broom Mates, and The Web Files. Margie Palatini lives with her husband and son in New Jersey. Henry Cole has illustrated many picture books for children, including The Wright Brothers; Muldoon; and Warthogs Paint: A Messy Color Book, all by Pamela Duncan Edwards. He also illustrated Julie Andrews Edwards’s Little Bo: The Story of Bonnie Boadicea and Little Bo in France. He lives in Washington, D.C.

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