Scholastic Atlas Of Earth

Editorial ‏: ‎ Scholastic

Idioma ‏: ‎ Inglés

Tapa dura ‏: ‎ 80 páginas

ISBN ‏: ‎ 978-0439672702

Edad de lectura ‏: ‎ 7 – 10 años

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The SCHOLASTIC ATLAS OF EARTH reveals the breathtaking forces of nature that form our planet–from geysers to earthquakes to volcanic eruptions.

The SCHOLASTIC ATLAS OF EARTH unlocks the mysteries of our planet–from its molten core to its highest mountain peak! Lavish spreads detail the recesses of a cave, the inside of a volcano, and the rocky gorges of the Grand Canyon.

Middle-grade readers will find plenty of useful facts about fossils, minerals and gems, climatic zones, glaciers, tectonic plates, geysers, landslides, and much, much more. In a unique section at the back of the book, kids can recreate their own Earth-related activities, such as making a mountain, setting off a volcanic eruption, or forming their own fossil!

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