The Time Machine


de H.G. Wells (Author)

Mass Market Paperback: 144 páginas

Editor: Scholastic Paperbacks;

Edición: Reprint (1 de marzo de 2004)

Idioma: English

ISBN: 9780439436540

Dimensiones del producto: 10.2 x 1.3 x 16.5 cm

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One of the most thrilling science-fiction adventures of all time, now with an introduction by Melvin Burgess

The Time Traveller has ridden his machine hundreds of years into the future. Buildings, cities, and civilizations rise and fall before his eyes. He is welcomed to 802701 by the frail and simple Eloi.
The future seems safe–until the Time Traveller encounters the shadowy, carnivorous Morlocks, inhabitants of the Underworld. The Morlocks terrorize the Eloi, hunt the Time Traveller, and capture the Time Machine.
Can the Time Traveller escape the future with his Time Machine…and his life?

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