This Place Has No Atmosphere


Formato: Libro físico

Autor: Paula Danziger

Editorial: Puffin

Colección: –

Nº páginas: 156

Idioma: inglés

Encuadernación: rustica

ISBN: 9780142406809

Categorías: , Etiqueta:


t’s the year 2057 and students take classes in ESP, people live in malls, there aren’t any parks left, and thanks to an airtight dome, there is a colony on the moon. Fourteen-year-old Aurora couldn’t be happier–she’s part of the “in” crowd, her best friend is a celebrity, and Matthew has asked her to Homecoming.

But Aurora’s parents have new jobs on the moon, and she and her little sister must leave their friends and schools to go with them. Aurora is sure she will hate life on the moon, because there are only 750 people in the whole colony. What if none of them is a boy her age?

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