The MidnighI Library: Voices


By (author)  Damien Graves

Para edades 12-17

Formato Paperback | 163 páginas

Dimensiones 162 x 234 x 12mm | 118g

Fecha de publicación 01 Sep 2006

Editorial Scholastic

Ciudad/País de publicación United States

Idioma English

ISBN   9780439863568

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Damien Graves has spent a lifetime searching for the most terrifying stories in existence. Now, for the first time, he offers the best of his collection. Dare to be scared!

Damien Graves has spent many years searching for the most spine-chilling stories in existence. Now, at last, he has chosen to share with you the best of his collection….

Kate hears startling voices in her head–voices that reveal a terrifying future.
Justin fears for his life when his running shoes begin running after him.
Tim wants an apple from the neighbor’s perfect orchard–no matter what the cost.

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