The White Horse Of Zennor And Other Stories


de Michael Morpurgo  (Author)
Editorial ‏ Farshore
Reprint edición 4 Mayo 2017
Idioma  ‎Inglés
Tapa blanda ‏
Pages:‎ 160
ISBN: ‎ 9781405256759
Edad de lectura: ‎ 10 – 13 años
Medida Lexile: ‎ 1020L
Curso: ‎ 4 – 7
Peso del Artículo: ‎ 4.6 onzas
Dimensiones: ‎ 5.08 x 0.39 x 7.8 pulgadas
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Since the beginning of time, strange and mysterious things have happened here…At the furthest edge of Britain, where the sea gently washes over the land and myths brush against reality, lies Zennor. Set in a churchtown where men become beats and ghosts roam freely, these are haunting and unforgettable tales where magic lies around every corner.

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